8.2 Properties of acids and bases

Properties of acids and bases

Acids vs Bases

Reactions of acids with metals, bases, and carbonates

  • Most acids react with metals, metal oxides, hydroxides, hydrogencarbonates and carbonates
  • All these reactions produce a salt which is a compound of anion and cation
  • Standard enthalpy change of neutralization: the energy change associate with the formation of 1 mol of water from the reaction between a strong acid and a strong base under standard conditions
    • Negative value because neutralization is exothermic
  • For acids and bases:
    • Acid + Base
  • For metals higher than hydrogen on activities series:
    • Acid + Metal
  • For metal carbonates and hydrogencarbonates:
    • Acid + Metal Carbonates

Acid-Base titrations

  • Refer to section 22 of data booklet to see colour changes associate with indicators

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